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Our platform paves the way for comprehensive code quality analysis and reporting. Take control, understand your codebase better and make informed decisions.

  • Seamless Integration

    We're all about making your life easier. Our solution integrates smoothly with your existing development environment, allowing you to maintain quality without disrupting workflows.
  • Flexible Rules to Match Your Needs

    Everyone's unique, and so is your code! Our platform supports flexible rule customization. Set your own standards, because we understand one size doesn't fit all.
  • Real-Time Code Analysis

    Stay in the know, always. Our real-time code analysis keeps you informed about your code's health, helping you detect and address issues at the earliest.

Secure, Robust and Reliable

Your trust matters to us. We ensure robust security measures to protect your sensitive information. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your code is in safe hands.

  • 01. Support for Multiple Codebases ― Work with multiple codebases? No problem. Our platform allows you to manage and analyze code from multiple projects simultaneously. Simplify your life with all your projects under one roof.
  • 02. Custom Rules and Policies ― Our platform allows for custom rules and policies. Cater to your unique coding standards that might not be included in predefined rule sets. Flexibility at its best.

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  • 90%

    Faster turnarounds
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    Fewer revisions to make
  • 87%

    Fewer rounds of reviews
How It Works

Effortless Code Reviews in Four Simple Steps

CodeScan streamlines your code review process. Connect it to your Github account, add our GitHub Action, include any custom instructions, and get seamless, efficient PR reviews.

Client Stories

Discover how companies like yours have achieved remarkable growth with CodeScan

These are the testimonials from our satisfied customers who have experienced outstanding results using CodeScan. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service and providing our clients with the solutions they need to succeed.

David Smith ― CEO of CyberSoft

CodeScan has truly revolutionized how we approach code quality and security in our development process.

Jessica Nagi ― CTO at TechFusion

CodeScan's powerful code analysis has been instrumental in streamlining our workflows.

Rajiv Menon ― CEO at TechForce

We've seen substantial productivity gains in our team thanks to CodeScan.

Sophia Lee ― Head of Development at QuantumQ

CodeScan is an essential part of our development toolkit, ensuring high-quality code and reducing bugs.

Eduardo Fernandez ― Senior Software Engineer at DataMiners

CodeScan has been pivotal in maintaining our high coding standards across complex projects.

Tomoko Yamada ― Director of Engineering at ByteCraft

CodeScan has saved us countless hours in debugging, proving itself as a crucial asset.

Hassan Ayub ― VP of Engineering at DevStream

CodeScan's support team is outstanding; they've been an integral part of our development process.

Victoria Johansson ― CTO at NordicNest

CodeScan has provided the insights we needed to improve our code quality and development workflow.

Completely Automated, Fully Supported

Choose the convenience of self-service or collaborate with a representative—whichever suits your preference, we're committed to assist you through your journey in the most effective way.


CodeScan is a leading code analysis tool designed to help developers detect and fix quality and security issues in their Salesforce code.

CodeScan supports all Salesforce languages and frameworks including Apex, Visualforce, Lightning, and Aura components.

Yes, CodeScan can identify a wide range of security vulnerabilities, helping you to develop safer Salesforce applications.

Yes, CodeScan is designed to work with all versions of Salesforce.

Yes, CodeScan can be integrated into any CI/CD pipeline to automate the code quality checks and ensure only quality code gets deployed.

CodeScan offers a variety of licensing options to suit different needs, including individual licenses, team licenses, and enterprise licenses.

A CodeScan license includes full access to all CodeScan tools, as well as access to updates and support during the license period.

For any support-related issues, you can reach out to the CodeScan team by emailing them at their support email address or by submitting a request through their official website.

Yes, CodeScan provides comprehensive documentation to assist you in getting started and understanding how to use the tools effectively.

CodeScan offers 24/7 support to ensure you get the help you need, when you need it.

Boost Your Code Quality and Productivity with CodeScan

Seamlessly identify and fix code issues, streamline your review process, and enhance your team's collaboration. Don't just track your progress — elevate it.